YES!! I use the Fashionlush presets on all the photos seen on the blog & on Instagram account.

To use the Fashionlush presets you will need to have Lightroom Classic for desktop.

This is THE photo editing program I think all blogger's need. It gives you ultimate control over your photos, & you can download presets (like these!).

I suggest getting the Lightroom creative cloud photography bundle ($9.99/month!) as it includes Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC desktop app, & Photoshop.

When you purchase a preset from me, you will get a PDF walking you through how to upload & use your presets.

YES!! This is so exciting because Lightroom just did an amazing update that allows you to EASILY sync your presets with your phone.

When you purchase any of the Fashionlush presets you will also receive a comprehensive guide walking you through how to sync your presets to your phone.

You will need Lightroom Classic on desktop, the Lightroom CC desktop app (different from the above), & the free Lightroom CC mobile app.

Again, I recommend getting the Lightroom creative cloud photography bundle ($9.99/month) as it includes all of the desktop programs you need.

RAW photo files always work best with Lightroom as it can access more of the photos data, so if you're shooting with a DSLR or high quality point & shoot, you should switch your setting to RAW.

If you are editing phone photos, all of the presets are made to work well with JPEG photos & iPhone photos (doesn't need to be high res!)

OKAY- so here's the deal. All photos are taken differently in different light with different cameras, so more often than not you will need to make slight adjustments.

For example: adjusting the white balance to auto could solve all your problems & you will see how the preset is destined to look. Learn more about adjusting white balance here.

If you have a different skin color than me, you may need to play around with the highlight, saturation, & luminance (H/S/L) panel to selectively adjust your skins color/brightness. Check out this article for more information on adjusting H/S/L (I use this tool a lot!).

These are the ONLY presets I use for my photos.

The only other thing I sometimes do after editing in Lightroom is SELECTIVE DESATURATION in Photoshop to remove some color from my backgrounds.

You can watch that tutorial here!

We are here to answer all of your editing questions!

Please email & we will get back to you asap or you can always DM me on Instagram @fashionlush.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of digital goods, we do not offer refunds.