There really is nothing a good edit can't fix! When purchasing the CLEAN COLLECTION preset pack, you will receive the below 3 Fashionlush presets: 

01. RUBY: The Ruby preset is minimal, edgy, & removes yellow tones while maintaining your skintone. It is ideal for photos taken in bright/natural light, street style photos, & especially photos taken against a white background.

02. LUSH: This was my first preset & used it religiously for a long time. I use the Lush preset when there is red in the photo or any photos with a blue sky (makes the sky look amazing!). It is bright, contrasted, makes colors pop, while still keeping the warm tones to a minimum.

03. THE QUICKIE: The Quickie is to go to preset for that "edited... but not" vibe. one click & this preset will enhance any photo (including low quality phone photos!). PLUS, it also makes your skin look FLAWLESS. 


**READ BEFORE YOU BUY: These presets need to be installed on your computer, even if only using for MOBILE. You can not directly upload to your phone.

All presets come with a QUICK START GUIDE to walk you through installing the preset on your computer, my editing process/tips for using the preset, along with a FREE GUIDE to syncing your presets on  your phone.

FEED GOALS ARE IN YOUR FUTURE & I wanna see- be sure to tag #FASHIONLUSHPRESETS on your edits so I can share.


+ all of the Fashionlush presets are to be used with Lightroom Classic for desktop, which you can download here.

+ THEY CAN BE SYNCED TO YOUR PHONE!! Be sure you have both the Lightroom CC desktop app as well as the Lightroom CC mobile app.

+ these presets are to be used with with RAW photo files, yet they will work on JPG files with some slight tweaking.

+ because all photos are taken in different settings, how the preset looks will vary based on photo. The quick start guide will walk you through the most common adjustments.


+ due to the nature of a digital product, we do not offer refunds.

+ the use of all Fashionlush presets extends only to the purchaser & can not be shared, redistributed, or sold.

+ you may only use these products for personal or professional use.

+ Fashionlush presets are copyright protected.